The secret to increase height even after adolescents.

We fail to understand or maybe don’t realize a simple equation of life and nature as it has its own role to play. People with short height are often too irritable and sensitive about their height and are depressed about it. There are several reasons you can gain height even after adolescents.

These simple tips could each help you in increasing height. Read on!


Sunlight gives Vitamin D, which is important. Sunlight from 5 to 8 in the morning would be the best. These harmful UV rays of the sun during a morning walk would thus do wonders to you. It brings to the body the abundance of vitamin D.

Adequate Sleep

Proper rest and sleep are evenly needed, as much a day full of activity. The basic necessity of sleep hours for growing children and teenagers is at least 8-11 hours of proper and adequate sleep every night to reach their maximum height. Also, a good sleeping environment is an equal must. Try and stay away from irritating noises, strong and disturbing lights.

Body Posture

Growth hormones play an important role in increasing height. The production of growth hormones aids in stimulating more growth plates, and this helps with height increase too. It is imperative to maintain a good posture while sitting, walking, anywhere for that matter. Always keep your spine upright straight. Don’t assume that the plant will grow without proper care.


There are multiple ways to increase height with simple exercises, but always first start with these. You can also do exercises with the permission of your trainer, and could do other exercises for the above 25 age group. Remember, patience is the key.
Focus On The Spin
Head Rotation
Stretch Away


A refreshed feeling that leads you to a flexible body is what yoga does. For most physical body problems and plenty of yoga asanas have a solution. These are 2 important yogic asanas amongst the many we found very beneficial for growth. (Show the images of Yoga)

Dr Urmika’s Homoeopathic Height Increasing Kit

In the current scenario, a good height is a significant factor for our personality, and good Personality is another significant factor for confidence. Due to some reasons like Heredity, improperly balanced diet, lack of vitamins, lack of physical exercises, hormonal imbalance etc. may stop increasing height and the child will undergo inferiority complex. Homoeopathy provides constitutional as well as specific remedies for increasing height. If height increase is stopped due to certain reason, it can be rooted out, and normal height can be achieved. Dr Urmika’s height increasing homoeopathic medicines are 100% natural medicines, which are highly effective and result oriented, no side-effects, no need any diet restriction, no need for exercise. Height increasing Homoeopathic Medicine Kit contains 3 months of medicine. You have to take it once in a day.

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