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Dr. Urmika Thoria


Started her journey and Homoeopathy practice back in 1998, Dr Urmika Thoria is a well-known Homoeopath in Gujrat, India. With incredible foresight and vision to promote Homoeopathy, she is actively creating an online community where individuals can resolve their problems naturally.

Homoeopathic Physician

Dr Urmika Thoria has cured many patients purely with Homoeopathic approach in the last 22 years of her practice. She specializes in the treatment of height increasing, hair fall, Psoriasis, back pain and more related problems. She believes that one should keep on updating their knowledge and learning irrespective of age, so Dr Urmika shares a lot of things about Homoeopathy to her patients.

Clinical Experience:

  • Dr Urmika has had an independent practice as a Homoeopathic consultant for the last 22 years.
  • She has successfully treated more than 25,000 patients with Homoeopathy. It includes the patients for Height increase more than 12,000, Psoriasis more than 5000, Back problems more than 5000.
  • She is dedicated to serving treatment from the generic and safest way of medication.

With all those years of experience, expertise and visionary, Dr Urmika is now on a mission to change the approach for treatments and make people accept the traditional medication for safer outcomes.