7 myths about height growth you should be aware of

Hey chota packet, miniature, etc. through such names we call short people within the spirit of humour. Even though it’s all meant for fun, understand that short height may impact on a person’s self-esteem and self-image.

There is a lot of misconception about height growth among people. In this blog, we have put together the pieces of some factual information and cleared a few myths.

Here, we will be dismissing the misconceptions about growing taller that one may encounter:

Myth 1: Height increasing pills don’t work.

Fact: Pills or supplements that aid in increasing height is beneficial. However, only taking pills might not work for several individuals. It’s almost like weight gain supplements. Various factors play a role in positive outcomes.
In both cases, an individual has got to experience physical activity and take a far better diet to ascertain results.

Myth 2: You can’t grow taller after puberty.

Fact: It’s a widespread misbelief that height doesn’t increase after one hits puberty. People believe that bones cannot grow after a particular age.
It is possible to prolong spine length and thus grow taller.

Myth 3: Lifting weights impacts on height growth

Fact: Unlike popular belief, lifting weights doesn’t stop your height. So, great news for all bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts, you can still increase your height while lifting weights. The key is to practise specific exercises. Some exercises affect spinal growth and a few who don’t. Specific workouts promote growth.

Myth 4: Drinking ample milk will promote height.

Fact: Milk is indeed rich in vitamin D and calcium, which benefits in growing tall. It’s misleading that only milk can help in growth. Milk may be a rich source of nutrients that promotes one’s improvement, but it doesn’t mean you should drink only milk. The nutrients and some food items should be blended with milk.

Myth 5: Exercises for increasing height aren’t successful; they only correct your posture.

Fact: A correct posture is a must for various health benefits. With a correct posture, you’ll immediately feel a change in your height. Such exercises encourage growth significantly and assist you in maintaining the proper position.

Myth 6: Only genetic factors determine your height.

Fact: Tall parents have tall children. So yes, genes play an essential role to determine how tall an individual may become, but crediting only genetics isn’t right.
Genetic factors aren’t in check, but many other factors are. It includes lifestyle, diet, posture, health, sleep, and hormonal balance. All of these factors play a role in forming an individual tall.

Myth 7: Caffeine hinders height growth.

Fact: No, caffeine and especially coffee doesn’t hamper height growth. Nonetheless, if the intake is extended beyond routine and is consumed at a wrong time, then the height may get impacted.
Caffeine may affect the pattern of sleep an individual gets. During the time an individual sleeps, the spine decompresses and elongates long. Thus drinking caffeine excessively can affect sleep and impact growth slightly.


You don’t require to be your tall friend’s armrest or climb onto their shoulders at concerts for a far better view. With consistent work on your body, you’ll grow tall.
The above-discussed misconceptions will give you a better understanding of what to try and what to avoid.

Practising the following pointers will assist you to see visible changes in your height.

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