Facts you didn’t know about Homoeopathic medicine for height growth

Height has always been an influential factor in one’s life. Now and then individuals try multiple therapies, medications, surgeries and treatments to grow their height. Well, Homoeopathy has gained immense success since its inception.
Homoeopathy is known as the world’s second-largest medical system. However, there are some myths and facts about homoeopathy medicines, which makes it best and the worst bot at the same time.

Let’s unveil Myths & Facts you didn’t know about Homoeopathic medicine for height growth

Myth-1: “Homoeopathy Height Increasing Medicines Are Not Scientific”

FACT-1: Well, according to scientific research data, control clinical studies and clinical outcome trials conducted by various molecular biologists, physicists and nanotechnologists all around the world have proved that homoeopathy is scientific.

Myth-2: “Homoeopathy Height Increasing Medicines Act Slowly”

FACT-2: No. Usually, there are two common factors that determine speedy recovery.
1) Time
2) Severity of disease (SOD)
Homoeopathy medicines act in infective diarrhoea, fevers, natural problems, urticarial rashes, in acute exacerbations of asthma, to name a few instances. Unfortunately, people go to a homoeopath as a last resort, and by then the disease would have developed quite a bit. The severity of the disease increases with time. So the key is, “SOONER YOU APPROACH A HOMOEOPATH, FASTER YOUR RESULTS WILL BE”

Myth-3: “Homoeopathic Height Increasing Medicines Cannot Treat Serious/Advanced Medical Conditions.”

FACT-3: Homoeopathy is just like any other medical system wherein multiple conditions from acute to chronic can be treated. Homoeopathic medicines are an ideal alternative for surgeries. Based on the severity and considering other height factors, homoeopaths guide the patients on whether to take medication or to go for surgery. Every homoeopath is well aware of the scope and limitations of his system.

Myth-4: “Homoeopathic Doctors Are Not Qualified Enough”

FACT-4: In India, it takes 5 and a half years to graduate as a homoeopathic doctor. An Act of the Parliament recognizes homoeopathy. The syllabus of this course is similar to conventional medicine:
1st year- Anatomy, Physiology, Homoeopathic Pharmacy, Biochemistry
2nd year- Pathology, Microbiology, Parasitology, Forensic medicine and Toxicology, Org of medicine and Materia Medica
3rd year- Gynecology and Obstetrics, Surgery, ENT, Ophthalmology. Org of medicine and Materia medica
4th year- Practice of medicine, Community medicine, Org of medicine, Materia medica and Repertory

In fact, homoeopathic doctors study additional subjects related to the following system.
* Homoeopathic pharmacy
* Materia Medica
* Organon of medicine and Homoeopathic philosophy and Psychology
* Repertory

Myth-5: “While Taking Homoeopathic Height Increasing Medicine, You Cannot Take Medicines From Other Medical Systems.”

FACT-5: Around 60% of patients who approach homoeopathy already take some or other medicines for height growth, so it is not a constraint to use conventional medicines along with homoeopathy.
Homoeopathy goes hand in hand with another system of medicines like Siddha, Ayurvedic, Unani, or Naturopathy. If really there are some interactions, a homoeopathic doctor will give the instruction how well the time should be maintained between both medicines.

Myth-6: “Homoeopathy Height Increasing Medicines Contain Steroids And Heavy Metals”

FACT-6: In homoeopathy, there is no place for steroids. Since all the source substances undergo a process of potentization and trituration, there won’t be even a bit of rough metal elements in it. Homoeopathic pharmacies have stringent standardization and quality control systems.
Homoeopathic pills show assertive for steroid tests because few plants contain active principles where natural steroid content is present. Thus this makes the sulphur powder to soak and shows a positive reaction for steroids.

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