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Hair Problem Like

  • Hairfall
  • White Hair in younger age
  • Dryness of Hair
  • Dandruff, Lice
  • Alopecia

All this problems are due to:

  • Improper hygiene of hair and body (Diet which lacks vitamin and proteins, Using improper shampoo and oil.)
  • Pollution (Dust, sunstroke, Perspiration, fumes)
  • Heriditary
  • Dandruff, Lice, external infection (due to used comb)
  • Tension

Dr Urmika’s Homoeopathic Hair Treatment Kit for all the problems.

  • Dr Urmika’s Homoeopathic Oral Medicine which gives Energy and Protection internally to hair.
  • Dr Urmika’s Homoeopathic Shampoo which gives the externally Cleanness of scalp, hair and hair roots.
  • Dr Urmika’s Homoeopathic Hair Oil which gives the external energy protection ( against dandruff, lice and other infection), vitamins and strength to hair becomes silky and shiny.
  • Dr Urmika’s Homoeopathic neutralizer for the scalp, which gives strength to hair and hair application roots due to hair becoming lengthy and dense.

Hair fall FAQs:

Well, hair fall can be caused due to several factors, but through homoeopathic treatment, your hair fall can stop naturally without having any side-effects.

Everyone wants healthier, thicker, and stronger hair. Dr Urmika’s Homoeopathic Medicine for hair gives internal energy and protection to hair. You get a shampoo, hair oil and neutralizer to strengthen your hair.

For your smooth and silky hairs, get homemade chemical-free shampoo. Homoeopathic shampoos are formed with natural herbal ingredients like Arnica, Henna. Shikakai, Aloe vera which provides your hair tangle-free, soft shiny and pleasantly fragrant.

Greying of hair is caused due to various reasons, and few blame it on ageing, some feel that stress is responsible, and some say it’s hereditary. Well, it is possible to slow it down your grey hair with a balanced diet and excellent homoeopathic hair care.