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“Bedwetting Homoeopathic treatment”

Many children wet the bed until they are 5 or even older. Bedwetting happens during sleep. Your child can’t control their bedwetting – it is not their fault. Be patient. Most children grow out of bedwetting.

Factors which is responsible for Bed Wetting.

  • Bedwetting runs in families
  • Genes ( Genetic Factor )
  • constipation can lead to bedwetting
  • the waking-up response to having a full bladder is not fully developed.

How homoeopathic treatment Works

Homoeopathy provides constitutional as well as specific remedies for bedwetting. It help to get normal health.

Bedwetting (Enuresis) FAQs:

It depends, as most of the children will outgrow bedwetting on their own over time. It is said that at 5 years of age, 15% of children wet the bed.

Yes, it is because the sugar, bread, bad fats and food dyes causes inflammation in the body. For some kids, that inflammation creates brain stress, and they may lose bladder control at night.